Excellent Water Injection DIY article!

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy & Emissions' started by Stormin' Norman, Jul 24, 2008.

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    This guy did a heck of a job detailing his experiments and fuel/water ratios. Just straight water. His water injector is a windshield washer pump. Is that simple or what? The big deal here is that he's in Meza Arizona. His simple Bag of Ice water trick is so slick. Well, for me, they now have warmer bags too, which would keep it warm enough in winter.


    The large image is there when you click the blank image.

    And check out the other mods that he did to the same car.

    He's got a neat Ram Air article and a mod to his intake manifold that all help improve mileage, simply. And how he improved his stock Intake Air box.

    And from that main page, check out the Data Tables and HP formulas. He races that water-injected car on 87 octane too. Almost 40 MPG in racing mode? Not bad at all.

    The old way gives you the plumbing part of water injection but not the details about how water temperature and injection pressure affect your mileage/HP increases.

    Here's a great article on the OLD WAY.

    The water is not electrolised or modified. No Hydroxy gimmicks. Just good old H2O. :)

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