67 Country Squire - Adventure in poor impulse control

Discussion in 'Station Wagon Projects' started by jkrnld, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Replacement engine is going to get dropped off to get cleaned up and possibly stroked before it goes in the car - happy with how the current one runs and its output for the year. I tried keeping myself to under 10k for the first year (including getting the car and roadtrip home) and with the money going to PMT for the front end, I'll be just passed that. Way passed that with the rack conversion. Only thing in my favor is the race season is unlikely to start until mid may at best.

    I'll likely "fix" the fender for now - in the middle of making the radiator shroud - not happy with the first plug I made for layup, and when I doublechecked the math, centering the fan may have issues with the water pump snout. Going to make another plug with fan offset to the passenger side, which will give room for 3-4 3" slats to rubber seal for highway use.

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