Schermerhorn symphony center.

Discussion in 'Car Shows and Swap Meets' started by Grizz, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    This will be worth it especially since it's free! Lane motor museum has some really cool, rare, unique automobiles you can't see anywhere else or even knew existed. Don't worry...I won't be there, I'll be at a wake in green hills, most likely abusing alcohol and talking about the good ol days. But Jay Leno will be there kicking things off so someone go and tell me what I missed! Include lots of pictures!!
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    Lucky for you, we won't be their either, also. Free is tempting!

    On our many trips between where we lived in Florida and back home in Illinois we'd plan a stop at the Lane auto museum. One reason was to see and talk about the very first UltraVan 22' fully loaded RV with Corvair power. It was sold and is now way out west.
    Timing was never right. Too late, too tired. Too much of a hurry!
    They had and have lots of oddball cars and bikes. Us oddballs would fit right in.:biglaugh:
    We rarely see Jay Leno's shows but love what we've seen of his garage and his good ole boy attitude.
    Since you won't be there we'll just stay home in Illinois watching the corn grow.
    Sorry about whoever will be a wake. We abuse alcohol and talk about old people everyday.
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