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Discussion in 'Station Wagon Projects' started by tfvesquire, Nov 3, 2017.

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    UPDATE AS OF 11/15/18

    So I swapped out the distributor cap and rotor from his old engine, reinstalled the remaining components. Attached as many of the vacuum lines that I could and the engine finally fired up and died. It will only run with a quick shot of starting fluid so it is obvious I have a fuel issue. Before I hooked up the fuel lines to the car I pulled the line at the pump and there is fuel getting to the pump and to the fuel line between the pump and the carb.

    Now I am going to swap out his old carb since I know for sure it works and then give it a try. Hopefully if the weather doesn't stay freezing around here the next couple of weekends I can get up to his house and swap this out.

    Hopefully I can at least get it running enough so he can drive it to the shop and they can check everything out and change out his decrepit muffler.

    I will post my results. Hope everyone on here is doing well.

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