Harry Clamshell

1979 Lincoln Sw

1979 Lincoln SW

1979 Lincoln Sw
Harry Clamshell, Jul 22, 2009
    • Taranau
      Lincoln front end, GM back end... what the hey?
    • macwhenderson
      I think the rear end would be a Ford end from 1973, minis the tail lights, they are GM, just my thinking
    • Dana Bennett
      I took the this photo (as well as the other two) in Lancaster, NY back around 1999. It was for sale but was pretty rusty from what I remember. Unfortunately as you can easily see, my pictures kinda turned out quite poorly!! I seem to recall a tag under the hood stating that this was a AHA conversion (Andy Houghton & Associates). It was a Lincoln body with the rear roof and tail gate section from a Ford or Mercury wagon grafted onto it. Not bad except for that absolutely horrible looking spare tire cover mounted to the tailgate!! It was EMPTY by the way!! I SO hate FAKE "continental kits"!! As of this date (4/24/16) I do not know what ever became of this car.
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