1984 Oldsmobile Custom cruiser

Matt Black
8 Cylinder
  • It's an Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Custom Cruiser. She is all black with dark tinted windows, and 18 inch Boss wheels with BFG G-Force Sports 275/40-18's all around. The engine is a 1972 SBO 350 with an Edelbrock carb on top of a Holley Street Dominatorintake, and competition Cams roller tipped rockers. Not sure of whats inside the engine but I believe it is atleast cammed. It also has a Mallory Uni-Lite distributor and MSD coil. All soon to be replaced with a Billet MSD distributor and MSD programable 6AL-2 box. It should also soon have Oldsmobile performance Magnesium valve covers All this is kept cool with an aftermarket aluminum radiator and dual fans. I also have 2 trans coolers one is a Perma-Cool unit with fan. It has true dual exhaust. It has a radio/cd/dvd player with removeable face plate installed, and remote hidden antenna. I am adding guages to the Tach, oil pressure, and water temp guages I already have. I have also heavily modified teh supension with Eibach springs all around. Poly bushings in the front end. Metco Billet LCA's in the rear. And Huge custom swaybars front and rear. I have also move the battery to the rear. The transmission has a Trans Go shift kit and Kilduff shifter. The bucketr seats have been removed in favor of 4 racing seats for better comfort.