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Discussion in 'Station Wagon Lounge' started by tbirdsps, Oct 23, 2006.

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    I attended a local car show this weekend (without my wagon). I was taken by the number of "survivor cars" present. From 1931 through the 1970's. It kinda made me think that unless there is major rust or damage there is no real reason to "restore" the car unless you personnally need a perfect example. In my case the interior needs a bit of work. i.e. front seat upholstery, steering wheel and dash cover. My carpets and door panels are fine. I spoke with a man who had restored his 63 Impala convertable and I had no idea what it costs to restore aluminum trim work. He said they charged by the square inch. One six foot piece was priced at $1500 for NOS and he paid $600 for the restored piece.

    Since my wagon looks pretty darn good at 15 feet I'm thinking that I'd only do the interior work and just keep the outside polished and presentable. Especially since an 82 Cougar Wagon is not a collectors dream car. But I like it.

    It is notable that there were NO WAGONS present.


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