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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by ZXW Robb, Jul 18, 2006.

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    near Philadelphia, PA
    Greetings all !

    Just your typical Baby Boomer wagon lover. I live near Philadelphia, PA, and you guessed it ... I love wagons. My current ride is an 05 Ford Focus wagon (ZXW). My Mr. Ford ! Although I love wagons, and our family car was always a wagon while growing up, this is my first wagon, and my first Ford. Almost went for the Taurus wagon but at the time gas was beginning to sky rocket and I knew the Focus was better suited to my needs.

    Service has been great, so far Mr. Ford has not had any major trouble. Favorite features would be the Moonroof and the heated seats in the winter.

    Zippy and fun !

    I know I'll enjoy being a member of the forum ! Thanks Stefan for tuning me in !

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    May 6, 2006
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    :Welcome: to the forum Robb. I looked at the Focus hatchback a couple of weeks ago and it does come nicely equipped. However, even with the employee pricing from Ford, I got a better lease deal with my fully loaded Mazda 3.

    I was in [SIZE=-1]Pennsylvania in June and stayed at the Marriott in [/SIZE]Conshohocken for an IT conference. The conference included a continental breakfast buffet and on the first day i got to the buffet early. While helping myself to the buffet, I noticed 2 security guards at the other end of the table with their backs facing me. I found it strange that there was so much security for a buffet and when I turned around, there was a police officer coming up to the table. This was starting to freak me out, so I asked the police officer if he was here for a conference. He said that he was here for a police conference and that more uniformed police officers would be showing up! :whew: Later on in the day, people were calling the hotel to find out what was going on as they saw a lot of police cars arriving at the hotel!

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