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Discussion in 'Station Wagon Projects' started by Stormin' Norman, May 4, 2010.

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    I've seen some nice personal vehicle resto sites, but this guy has gone beyond the standards! If its 1970's Ford small block or 6 cylinder, he's got it covered. His cars are Mavericks and Comets, but he's got more insider stuff than I've ever seen, including post-production Dealer mechanical/service diagrams from 1970 to 1979. A Ford Six is a Ford Six, and the small blocks haven't changed much either.

    Emissions diagrams:

    That particlur page has more diagrams and shop manual pics by category, at the bottom of the page. Body, Interior, etc. the kicker is that each of them has that middle part number. so you could go with your VIN number for an earlier/later Ford and the number from what it is on a given page and get your dealer or or some usedpartsonline search engine and try to find what you need. One rare personal site. I can only imagine the work he's put into it.:whew:

    Vacuum Diagrams by equipment (AC/Non-AC, Auto trans or manual, etc.)

    In the Electrical section, his diagrams have the middle Ford Part numbers that you can take to a dealer and ask him about interchangeability?

    One of the items, Starter Interlock Delete diagram, looks like it might be a good circuit for anti-theft.

    Most of the topics are related to any Ford wagon, from 1960 to even my 1979 Wagon. Radios, water pumps, alternators. I'm impressed. (y) (y) (y)

    Anyway, he's really made it into a huge resource for Ford folks. :thumbs2:

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