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1981 LeBaron Town & Country

1981 LeBaron Town & Country
That Hartford Guy, Nov 3, 2007
Chrysler Corp. File photo
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    • Taranau
      I know the Chrysler K-cars came with the same woody package,that this one has.On the wagons,4-door sedans,2-door coupes and convertibles.(I've seen at least two each of the 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe versions)[and lots of wagons and convertibles]It would be interesting to know if it was possible to get the woody on the other versions of this car too.For a few years,in the late 60's/early 70's,it was possible to do so on the 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe versions of the car the Colony Park was based on.The Parklane in 68,and the Marquis there-after.
    • That Hartford Guy
      These rear wheel drive wagon were "M" bodies. They were built from 1978 until 1981. Only the wagons were offered with the fake wood option.

      A Town & Country club coupe would have looked cool though.

      These wagons came as:

      Chrylser LeBarons 1978-1981
      Dodge Diplomats 1978-1981
      Plymouth Caravelle 1978-1981 (Canada only)

      In 1981 the coupes and wagons were dropped. The LeBarons were upgraded and became the Newyorker Fifth Avenues.
      The Diplomat continued as a sedan and was popular as a Police and Taxi vehicle. A Diplomat "SE" was added in 1984 that had a front end similar to the 80-81 LeBarons. The Plymouth Grand Fury was added in the States and was a twin to the base Diplomat.

      The fake wood was Standard on the 1978 Town & Country wagon. It could be "deleted" on the 1979 version.
      In 1980 and 81 Chrysler offered a non-wood version as a separate "base" model. The Wood version was the fancier Town & Country model.

      By 1980 the public was worried that Chrysler was going out of business and there would be no place to get their cars serviced. So sales dropped like a rock. This plus the rising fuel costs killed the larger Chryslers.

      Which is too bad. The 1980 & 81 LeBarons and Diplomats were offered in a wide variety of body styles and trim packages. If Chrysler was a stable company they could have had a good run of several years like their competition, ie: Cutlass, Century, Granada and Zephyr.
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