Ol”Red - Ford Fairlane Wagon

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8 Cylinder
  • I purchased Ol’Red in Sept 2021. I had done a lengthy rebuild of a 1966 Mustang that is my wife's car now. I wanted something different for my project car and one day while talking with my wife the discussion terned to a station wagon and my wife said go for it! Now to find the right one for me. I searched for several weeks and found an add for the red ford.
    I have always like mid 60s ford Fairlane so this was a no brainer. we traveled 3 hours to see the car in Salina Ks. The owner had planned to turn it into a drag wagon but found a Mustang that was going to occupy his time. After agreeing to purchase red he said his daughter lived close to me and he was always looking for a reason to come to KC so he delivered the car to me.Wow, who does something like this now a days!
    So as for now I am fixing thing that make Red a good driver and plan to enjoy the ride. I figure time will direct me as to where Red and I go forward. Thanks for reading my long story but i am looking forward to this project and sharing my adventure as I go. I will be adding pictures.
    Oh yeah, I thought I would share one more bit about the man who sold Red to me. Really nice guy!

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