2004 Mazda 6

Dark Grey
6 Cylinder
  • I got my Mazda 6 Sport Wagon new in 2003, I had driven pretty much every other wagon on the market, and it was the last one I found. It was a brand new line, never released. Dealer took me out to the back lot, and it was 1 row back. Dark Grey, and I fell in love with it first sight.
    Grey leather seats. 2 tone light grey dark grey with Carbon Fibre trims and accents.
    Bose Stereo, that made everything else on the market sound like 1970's transistor radios (VW).
    220 Hp, with Exedy stage 1 clutch. and Cold Air Intake. Lots of pep, and get up and go.
    New Paint in a lot of places, as I take care of this one.

    I have a page dedicated to the Mazda 6 wagon on Facebook.
    As soon as i saw the 2014, I knew mazda had done it right again, and I wanted it. When I found out that everyone else in the world was getting it, but us in N.A. I started the page on Facebook to Lobby Mazda to bring the Wagon back. Also as a page dedicate to the Wagon platform.
    Soon after, I created my second page:
    Dedicated to all Sport Wagons from Every Manufacturer.
    Sport Wagons, Hot Rods, Tuners, Vintage Wagons, and surf wagons.
    Both pages are to stand for the bringing back, lobbying and voice of the Wagon. Its been a learning curve, and there are a lot of insider articles and notes all about the subject you can check out if you like. ;)
    I also started a new page:
    This is my page in support of the Speed wagon page, and soon the Mazda 6 page, where it is selling Speed Wagon stickers, t-thirts, hoodies and more. I started with the logo art work, but plan to ad more and more art and graphic design to the product availability.
    Thanks for popping by!