1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

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Dark Sapphire and Woodgrain
8 Cylinder
  • My son is turning 16 and wanted a car, so we have continued the Longroof tradition with a new family truckster for him to drive. A 1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, all stock except for some weird wheels and tires the previous owner put on. It currently has 245 tires up front and 275 rear but we have the original wheels from the last owner and are replacing them with stock 225/75-15's and wire wheel covers. My son likes the original style plus the tires made it drive crappy and get dismal fuel mileage. In fact the rear ones were rubbing the frame on big ruts! It has a few minor things, needs a new headliner, power antenna quit, and the lock rod on the driver's side rear door came loose and I can't get it open, but all in all it is in great shape. If anyone knows how to get that door open your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Any one know where to find the rear bumper fillers? I can find tons of front ones or rears for the sedans but not wagons. It runs smooth and once the tires are corrected hopefully it will get the 23 MPG I remember my Dad's '82 getting when it was new. Anyway, it will be right at home next to its siblings, my 1991 Custom Cruiser and 1970 Olds 98 Luxury Sedan Hardtop.