1989 Pontiac 6000

6 Cylinder
  • LE, nice smooth ride. Rusty. Had been sitting behind coworker's house for 6 years with blown head gasket. Bought for $30 with 197k on it. Nursed it home, got low mileage Jasper rebuilt engine off ebay for $50 and dropped it in. Been using as winter car since 2005.

    Sadly I had to scrap this car in 2014. I already had welded the trailing arms around 2010. Now the floor pan along with the gas tank was starting to fall out, and there was not enough steel left to weld to anymore. Too bad because it still ran and drove great. I pulled just about everything I could from it before letting it go. Which I will use on future cars. I also got out of the HOA and into a much better place so I can keep the old cars and fix them at will or use them for parts.