Water leaks

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    1988 Colony Park,

    Hey guys, I noticed a considerable amount of rust forming on the floor pans right infront of the firewall. I also noticed that the heat padding, which is fastened right above the second cat converter, soaked in water.
    I'm not sure if this is a drainage issue coming from the cowl, or if that's supposed to be normal. I also noticed that water seeps into the cabin, it comes from somewhere on top of the firewall. Most of the seals and gaskets are shot in this wagon and need replacing, but this one is really causing the pans to rot much faster than other affected areas.

    Any idea's?
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    Make sure the cowl is free of crap--my '83 had been parked for a few years under some ultra-tall Evergreen trees, and when I went to drive it home, I had a needle blizzard following me. So check the evap case drain, make sure it's clear; check the plastic windshield wiper housing, and make sure the urethane under the glass all the way around is not breaking down and washing away, or any rust creeping under it. Then, check both front doors for sagging; if either are, the doors are definitely not sealing when shut. To fix that, shim the lower hinges on the door side to raise the door to square it up with the doorway.

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