Wagon For Sale Ad Questions

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    To whom it may concern,
    - I currently have a wagon for sale ad on the site. I want to edit/revise the ad and possibly attach video links.
    - I searched the site and read that you can send revisions to "wagonmaster" and he will complete them. Apparently, he's the only one who can do this.
    - I started a conversation with "wagonmaster," but haven't received a reply.
    - I saw a post from "HotRodRacer", who's a moderator and staff member, who was trying to contact "wagonmaster." Are there any moderators on this site that can make revisions?
    - I have the wagon listed on other sites and can make revisions myself at any time. I should be allowed to do that here.
    - I want to sell the vehicle, which is why I posted it on this site dedicated to wagon enthusiasts.
    - Instead of waiting to get the ad revised, can I delete it and post a new ad with my revisions?
    - If it sells, how do I mark the ad as sold?
    Thank you.

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