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    I wasnt sure where to post this but it was my sons 8th bday, cinco de mayo and his actual party is in June but we had to do something this weekend for him. So he had 2 friends sleep over last night and we brought the 3 of them duck pin bowling, they were fighting over who got to ride in the way back first lol. So his friends each got a turn and it was great to see them waving to the cars behind them and how excited they got when the people waved back. Duck pin bowling and wagons, like I said I belong in the 50s. So today we set up a little meet up at Carvel with 6 of his friends and again they want to ride in the way back. I hear my son say man it would be soo cool if all these windows back here could go down. So I push the window button on the dash and they go nuts, thinking this is the best thing ever. So we pull in the parking lot and the kids want to get into the way back. So we put a few in there, pic attached. Then when we leave to come back to my house everyone wants to ride in the wagon lmao. I drove 6 kids received_10209804113338047.jpeg home in the wagon. Omg they were so loud but they think its the coolest car ever. Wait until my son is a teenager and I have to drop him off at highschool, I doubt he will think its cool then.
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    The only way he's gonna agree it's cool come high school is if he gets his driving instruction and first license at 16, and then a station wagon of his own.
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