Monaco-72 soon back on the track

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    Here`s my ebay find delivered from Denver 5th of July. It was finally registration & inspection day Friday 29 of September. It went 95% ok, 1972 is the start of the 3-point seatbelt
    in the rear seat in Sweden. I removed the wheelhouse fairings, so the Inspector/Engineer could
    judge. He went to phone his support, and Bingo! The original lap belts Is Ok.
    The Vin no has to be stampt in the frame or body in Sweden (same with motorcycle frames)
    I tried my self with my favorite hammer but had to gave up late night. We had an argument were to put the no. I found I place where the rear seat goes down, and the Insp. approved. See you next week he said, and I away I went quit happy. Hitting the brakes outside the station, it felt like stepping on a stone? I vent directly to a car mec. He told after 5 minutes - the brake booster is broken.
    Im I happy! O` Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! --What a Wagon.

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    She is a beauty, even if she broke on you. I even like those wheels! Post up some pictures of the interior, and under the hood, when you have time.

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