For Sale 1969 Chevelle wagon

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    Runs and drives.
    We have neither the space nor the ability to take off work and finish her up.
    '74 350/police package w/powerglide,auto,ps,pb.
    Also has a/c,but,needs compressor put back on.
    8in.Ralley wheels,good tires.
    Dual exhaust all the way back.
    Have everything,most is brand new, to finish up.
    Needs an easy patch panel on lower drivers side rear quarter and rear side window channels finished.
    SS hood.
    Also can have an original 67 Chevelle steering wheel in great shape.
    Two-way tail gate and roof rack also.
    If we finish and paint it will be more.
    Runs good.Peppy engine.
    Just bought NEW windshield, have all new weather strip, new carpet, new headliner, new bumper,,new cluster panel and lens glass and more.
    Just put BRAND NEW.... shocks, major tune-up, water pump,thermostat, oil send.switch, oil/filter change, fluids flush, brakes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders,center link,wiper switch,controls,new battery,sway bar link,fan clutch....etc...etc...etc...
    Have all glass,trim,interior,like new dash pad,etc. as well.
    I hadn't even cleaned it,or the engine compartment,when I took the photos.Didn't feel the need to.
    Being a 69 Chevelle wagon, with everything we put in it already,it's well worth the 6k I need back for it.
    Won't take less than that because that's what I have in it,just cash,no labor.
    These wagons are pretty hot right now.I love it, but, something has to go!
    We have no room to work here.
    I added a couple pics of 69 Chevelle wagons.
    I intended to matte black this one and drive as is.

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