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    Since it seems I cannot delete any of my ads place, I wonder if there is a way for me to close my account on this forum?
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    I'm not the forum-master, but I'll give it a shot.

    I believe that, if a thread is not too old, and you started the thread, such as a For-Sale thread, go to that thread and see if "Delete" is an option at the bottom of your first posting. See the image below. If "Delete" is available, click on it to delete your message. Because your message is the first one in the thread, deleting it deletes the entire thread. I think.


    If you can't delete the thread (I think the Delete option goes away after enough time has elapsed), and it's a For-Sale ad, simply make a post at the end of the thread stating that the car is sold, no longer available, or whatever. That should preclude any further postings in that thread, and it should die.

    If you never want to come back here and don't want to be bothered by emails sent by the site, simply stop posting messages here. The site automatically sends you an email when there is a response to a thread you posted in, unless you shut this off, but eventually threads die out, and you won't receive emails about that thread any more after enough time. Just delete messages you receive from the site.

    Some threads, like the "Wagons in Vintage Street Scenes," never die out, so if you've posted in one of those, you'll continue to get notifications as new messages are posted, at least for while. I think that, if you don't return to that thread or any other, you'll eventually stop getting notifications.

    In short, the best way to disassociate yourself from this site is to simply log out and then never come back. Eventually, sad as it sounds, you will be forgotten.

    At least, all of the above have been my experience with other forums similar to this one. I couldn't find a "close account" option anywhere. It always surprises me a bit that something like this isn't available.
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    I deleted your ads

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