68 Chrysler T&C wagon on Craigslist in Denver

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    I didn't always like these. But a few years ago at the Spring Fling Mopar show in California, there were two beautifully restored 68 T&C wagons that both had the optional chrome Magnum wheels with whitewalls (one wagon was black and the other was light blue). Those wheels made a world of difference in the car's appearance. Then, a guy I know bought a 68 Newport convertible that had the optional (optional in 68 & 69 only) Town and Country woodlike trim on the side. That gave me a closer look at the styling of the 68 Chrysler. I really like the 68 Chrysler woodys now. This one needs a little help, and I hate those wheel covers. But those wheel covers indicate that this car has the 15" wheels and I believe these wheel covers were also only used if the car had the optional disk brakes. Still, this one needs a complete restoration and I would have to add the chrome magnum rims as well if it were mine.


    1968 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon. 383-Automatic, cruise, tilt, telescope, electric windows, power steering, power brakes, dual exhaust. 97,241 miles. AM & FM radio. Very good engine & transmission. Extra set of heads with harden valve seats, never installed. $3000 or Best Offer. Call 303-794-1717


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