64 chevelle wagon fuel tank

Discussion in 'General Automotive Tech' started by Mikeg, Nov 3, 2021.

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    I'm putting a new fuel tank in my 64 Malibu wagon. My question is - does this tank have straps over the top of the tank as well as the 2 cross braces that run from side to side ? It would seem to me there should be something to hold the tank secure to the braces to keep from moving around. I'm new at this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have GM shop manual illustrations of the tank installation ?
    Thanks for your input, Mike
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    Wish i could help you...just did the tank in my 68 mercury but thats no help to you...mine had one strap under the tank and one corner of the tank bolted to a bracket attached to the rear bumper bracket to help support the weight and make things more solid....are you replacing your old tank with a new one? new ones are nearly impossible to find for most of us...good luck and document your install with photos for us if you can!

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