1957 country sedan build

Discussion in 'Cosmetic & Restoration' started by 1930artdeco, Apr 21, 2021.

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    OK. Time for another update:

    -I have hooked up the fuel line to the pump.
    -I have added an oil filter and oil!!!!!!!
    -Hooked up the horns-I will see if they work or not. If not I have two more sets waiting in the wings as replacements.
    -Next up is vacuum to the Dist, fuel to the carb and rebuild the MC as it will not hold pressure. The water pump should return in a week or so and then water goes in and the PS pump goes on. Then I just have to make sure the all of the pulleys line up. Does anyone have a picture of how the carb (autolite 4V) hooks up to the throttle and transmission?


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