Erma On The Trail

1986 AMC Eagle Wagon

Erma On The Trail
NMWagonLover, Mar 1, 2009
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    • Taranau
      Let's see somebody doing that in their brand new Audi,Porsche or Volvo...I don't they'd even seriously consider it.some might mull it over for a few moments,then "snap back to reality"...This reality looks more fun.
    • CoupeExpress
      My Department tried these for patrol use.
      VERY poor decision. Gutless, no room for
      equipment or prisoners, daily breakdowns.
      Wagoneers were almost as bad.......
    • Fat Tedy
      Equipment in the wagon, prisoners hog tied and horse whiped then strapped to the roof.....for that nice long drive into the hills, in winter conditions, to be dumped off in the middle of no where......sounds like a perfect police package to me!:D
    • Prafeston
      Gutless, maybe, but that didn't mean they weren't capable. Great 4x4 wagon!

      Love this shot. Really shows what it can do!
    • Grizz
      What a great car. It's called an eagle because it smells like freedom not bacon!
    • WagonTheDog
      Man, there were TONS of these on the road when I was a kid. I always thought they looked kind of frumpy back then, but now I just miss seeing them.
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