1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass cruiser

OD green
8 Cylinder
  • This is my wife's(Twig) Oldsmobile ChopTop Delivery Cutlass Cruiser. It has extensive Body mods such as having the rear doors welded up and sealed. The top has been chopped at the front and tappered back to the stock rear window. All of the side glass has been removed behind the front doors and has been filled in with sheet metal. We hope to strip it down and paint it over the winter. It also has custom front and rear bumpers and custom LED tail lights and reverse lights. It presently has very little interior. that should be mostly fixed over the winter. It has no engine in it at present. We have an Oldsmobile 350 that we need to do a slight rebuild on before we put it in. It is backed by a TH 350 trans that is held up with a Jegs crossmember. It has true dual exhaust. The springs seem to have been chopped front and rear. The fronts maybe to much. We now have a set of 18 inch wheels with 225/40-18's in the front and 245/40-18's in the rear. We have also put in a set of racing seats to replace the cheap set of seats that were in teh car when we got it. It will also be getting a KilDuff shifter once the engine goes back in.