1953 Ford "Crestline" Country Squire Station Wagon

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Glacier Blue
8 Cylinder
  • Good afternoon fellow Station Wagon aficionados! I just posted a photo and short introduction under the Welcome Wagon section. I have a 1953 Ford "Crestline" Country Squire Station Wagon which I take out for long or short drives each weekend. I belong to several clubs and enjoy the nuances and members of each one.

    My '53 Squire is an original California car coming out of the FoMoCo Long Beach plant on January 17, 1953. First sold in San Francisco on August 18, 1953. Im the 5th owner from what I can tell. It was carefully restored by the last two owners who kept the original maple trim wood; and interior.

    Heres an "interpretative information placard" I place on the back side window (with a copy of the original invoice/sales receipt) for curious onlookers. It helps answer most of the typical questions. Folks seem to appreciate it:

    1953 Ford "Crestline" Country Squire Station Wagon
    • Production Date and Location: January 17, 1953 - Long Beach, CA
    • Date and Location First Sold: August 18, 1953 - San Francisco, CA

    • Original Cost: $2,886

    • Total 1953 “Country Squire" Production: 11,001
    This rare 1953 Ford “Crestline Series” Country Squire Station Wagon nestled amongst ranch style homes, backyard barbecues, Sunday drives and Bobs Big Boy Drive-In’s was the quintessential example of classic 1950s Southern California suburbia.

    Advertised by Ford as the “top of the line" station wagon (out of three wagon models that year) that provided “room for eight or a half ton of freight”, the Country Squire was the venue for around-town shopping and “outdoor family transportation”: camping trips, scenic weekend picnics at the beach or countryside and Drive-In movies with the kids. Bottom line, the station wagon was the vehicle that focused on “family fun together”.

    The first half of 1953 would be the last time Ford would incorporate real wood with a station wagon.(Citing maintenance reasons, beginning the later half of 1953, the Country Squire substituted genuine wood trim for “fiberglass wood grained trim”. This would be the automotive standard until 1996 when the full-sized station wagon met its demise. Sadly, it would be replaced by the Mini Van in 1984, and now, ubiquitous SUV). 1953 would also be the final year of the venerable flathead V8 engine; after a 21 year run.

    With authentic maple or birch trim, matching maple wood-grained belt line and mahogany wood-grained sides, this wagon was stunning combined with the light Glacier Blue paint. The interior includes the “Flight Style Control Panel” dash and interior belt line in Goldtone with faux mahogany paneling gracing the four doors and rear quarter panels. Original “Saddletex” Mahogany and Milan Straw vinyl make up the three bench seats that hold up to 9 passengers (the 2nd and 3rd seats fold down for ample cargo space). Under the hood and ready to deliver 110 horsepower, sits the powerful 239.4 cubic inch “Strato Star” V-8 flathead engine. Three speed with Overdrive, rare power steering and a 4.27 to 1 rear axle ratio completes the drivetrain. With full visibility “Curva-Lite” windshield; and tinted glass all around, “Ford Custom Radio”, “MagicAire” heater, interior lighting and “Futuristic Jet Age” grill, taillights and hood ornament ….nothing is lacking in this “state of the art” wagon for 1953.

    It is an honor and privilege to own and share this beautiful 1953 “pioneer of the modern station wagon” that we all came to love during the 50s, 60s and 70s. I hope it will take you back to those “good old days” as it does for me”.

    The station wagon has truly been a quintessential symbol of the all American family vehicle heading off to great adventures whether it was a trip to the market for weekly groceries, piling all the kids of the neighborhood into the wagon for a local little league game, weekend outings & drives with the family, drive-in movie night, cross country vacation and camping trips or a picnic day trip to the beach or nearby state park.

    Love my Squire, all wagons and glad to be a part of the Station Wagon Forum!. Fascinating to read about all the varying interests in wagons out there.

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

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