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AMC PackRat
2010-03-05, 10:50 AM
I have several rechromed bumpers for sale including some of the hard to find rear bumpers for station wagons. I don't do plating but do have a pretty good selection of bumpers from the mid 60s to the mid 70s but most of the high-demand muscle car bumpers have been sold off already. Some of the wagon bumpers I have are listed below. If you have any interest, let me know. Prices are pretty reasonable ($100-$400) depending on condition and rarety. I ship FedEx and do get a pretty decent discount to Europe if anybody over there needs one. Thanks for letting stick an add up here, guys - maybe I can help some of you guys out. :woohoo1:


AMC - 69-73 Rebel, Matador, Ambassador

B.O.P. - 69-77 Estate, Sport Wagon, Skylark, Special, Century, Regal, Cutlass, Bonneville, Lemans

Chevy - 69-77 Impala, Caprice, Chevelle, Malibu

Ford/Mercury - 74-78 Torino, LTD II, Cougar, Montego

Mopar - 67-77 "B" (intermediate), "C" (full size), and "F" (Aspen/Volare) body cars

I don't have every style of every year listed above but I do have a lot of them so ask and maybe I'll have what you're looking for. :cool:

Harry Clamshell
2010-03-05, 13:00 PM
Ron, welcome here. Was close buying two of your bumpers (eBay) almost 2 years ago for my wagon... I remember the good communications we had back than
Wish I had bid a little more at the time.. the bumpers I now bought were more expensive in the end. :slap:
Good to know you now offer to ship to Europe as well (I will spread the word here :2_thumbs_up_-_anima ).

AMC PackRat
2010-03-05, 13:13 PM
Yeah, I think I remember you. I think you wanted that Buick Estate wagon bumper. :) I get about a 45% discount to some countries in Europe now. :yahoo: It's still kind of expensive but a lot of people won't ship parts like that overseas or don't have a discount.

2010-03-09, 15:12 PM
do you have bumpers for a 1970 plymouth suburban/fury wagon? 1971 also works

AMC PackRat
2010-03-09, 16:11 PM
Yes I do. :) I think I have one front and one rear left. You Canadian guys get kind of screwed on shipping nowadays, though. It'd probably be about a hundred bucks (US) to ship either one. PM me for more details, pics, etc. and we can work from there if you are serious about them. Here's a couple pics of the rear one - it's correct for all 69-71 "C" body Mopar wagons (full size). ;)

Harry Clamshell
2010-03-09, 17:40 PM
I was qouted Ca$ 530.53 to have a bumper shipped from Canada to the US, so $100 sounds like a steal

Stormin' Norman
2010-03-09, 17:48 PM
mrbeefy, Freight's a lot less if stays in the US. Have it go to that gift shop / postal outlet in Pembina USA and pick it up.

AMC PackRat
2010-03-09, 18:21 PM
That's the best way if you guys live close to the border - those little border storage companies. :) I can ship a bumper to the US side for about 40 bucks - if it goes over the border it's like $80-$120. :confused: Not many people know they still do FeEx ground to Canada and they don't really tell anybody about it. I was shipping bumpers to a guy clear out on the east coast of Nova Scotia for about 60 bucks a year or two ago until they upped the rates. I was pretty amazed by the nice cars they still have up there . . . . . :cool:

2010-03-09, 18:39 PM
Looking for a front bumper, 69-71 Chrysler here, it can be for a 300 (without turn signal/park light opening) let me know, and price, zip code for ship-08551

AMC PackRat
2010-03-09, 20:22 PM
I still have a couple of those around. :) The 300s are a little more especially the one for the 300 Hurst. Shippings not that cheap, either - they usually go at least double-oversize. I even have a real nice 72 Chrysler (one year only) and an NOS 74 front bumper. Here's a couple pics - I think I sold the first one but have another. If what you want is the 69-71 standard Chrysler front let me know and I'll check what I have in storage and get pics for you. ;)

I added two more pics to show the two styles of bumpers (besides standard and 300)

2010-03-10, 06:34 AM
Hey, those look nice, ok, can u give me a shipped price on both a regular 69 Chrysler, and the 300 style? I am putting it on a 1696 Town & Country, BUT I am installing a 300 style hidden headlight grill. So either will work, if the 300 isn't to much more, I'll use that and the grill mounted turn/park lamps. Thanks alot! John

AMC PackRat
2010-03-10, 11:06 AM
Those big bumpers are in a storage unit so it might take a day or so to get pics and shipping quotes. I'll get back with you as soon as I can. ;)

2010-03-10, 11:23 AM
ok, Thanks. MPJ

AMC PackRat
2010-03-10, 11:56 AM
Here's the 70-71 Fury front bumper - it's a pretty nice one. :yippee: It's a little nicer than the Sport Fury one that the guy from Moparts is getting this week. I'll give you better descriptions and shipping quotes by PM later. Please let me know if you want it shipped to the border or all the way (and a Zip Code for the US address). I have one more 70-71 Sport Fury front bumper if anyone's interested - they look just like this but have extra holes below the grill for a little bumper strip.

2010-03-10, 15:51 PM
Just curious if you have bumpers for a 69 Satellite wagon.

AMC PackRat
2010-03-10, 16:51 PM
That's a tough one :idea: - I'll have to check. I think I might have one (rear), though.

2010-03-11, 00:22 AM
That's a tough one :idea: - I'll have to check. I think I might have one (rear), though. That's ok. The front bumper is a regular Satellite bumper anyway. At least it looks like one.

AMC PackRat
2010-03-11, 02:00 AM
Yeah - and I think they repro that one now, too. I wish they had repros back when I had my 68 Coronet - I never could find a decent front bumper for that car . . . . . :mad:

AMC PackRat
2010-03-11, 12:03 PM
Mr Beefy - I sent you a PM with a description of the bumpers and shipping prices to Pembina (looks like the cheapest way to go :thumbsup:).

Stuka - I do have a 68-70 "B" body rear wagon bumper here somewhere but no pics of it on file at the moment. Do you ever play the Sturmovic game or do you just like Stukas??? :16suspect1:

2010-03-28, 00:41 AM
Do you by any chance have a rear bumper for a 1978 Ford Country Squire LTD?

AMC PackRat
2010-03-28, 09:50 AM
Sorry, Mudman. Ford bumpers sold pretty well the last couple of years. :) The only Ford wagon rear bumper I have left is for a 74-78 Torino/LTDII/Montego. I do have a few front and rear bumpers for regular full-size Fords from about 69-76 and some 69-72 Mercurys though. I have a few other Torino/LTDII/Montego bumpers around, too. ;)

2010-05-02, 18:06 PM
Do you also re-chrome bumpers that are shipped to you? If so, how much to do a front and rear bumper for my Torino wagon. Just FYI, I have shipped pieces via Greyhound and they were very reasonable. My front and rear bumpers have the bumper guards as well. Thanks in advance.

AMC PackRat
2010-05-03, 11:37 AM
I don't rechrome or accept core bumpers unless they're pretty rare(sorry). :( It would cost me $20 for gas to haul bumpers to the nearest Greyhound terminal (Dekalb). I do have an account with FedEx and get a decent discount on shipping, though - so shipping is pretty cheap. I do probably have the bumpers for your car in stock. I have one rear left but you'd have to add the holes if you wanted to keep the bumper pads on it. I'm not really sure what year front bumper you're using but I probably have one of those, too. ;) I haven't been over here for a while - I think I'll have to check things out . . . . :jumping:

AMC PackRat
2010-08-02, 10:19 AM
It's been a while since I've been over here so I thought I'd bump this add back to the top if you guys don't mind. :o I still have a lot of bumpers to sell and these sure beat paying big bucks to have your beat up rusted out bumpers repaired and replated. Drop me a PM if there's anything you're looking for. Thanks, guys. :You_Rock_Emoticon:

2010-08-02, 17:29 PM
Hi; Wondering if you have a rear Bumper for a 66' Chrysler T&C Wagon? Thanks, John

AMC PackRat
2010-08-02, 18:53 PM
Post up a good pic - I have a couple Mopar mystery bumpers I'm not sure of. :idea:

2010-08-02, 21:57 PM
I hope this works! This is not my Wagon, but a damn nice one, showing the rear.

AMC PackRat
2010-08-02, 22:11 PM
Nope, sorry, I don't have that one. Nice car though - that's gotta be the biggest luggage rack I ever saw on a car before. :eek3: You could probably strap a Yugo up there instead of having to change a flat tire. :jumping:

2010-08-02, 22:28 PM
Yes, these were made for haulin! You can load a full 4x8 sheet of plywood with the seats folded down. Mine has the same roof rack! The Mopar bumpers are rare, I'm still looking for a good set of tailights! Thanks anyways, John.

AMC PackRat
2010-08-03, 11:03 AM
Yeah, especially the ones that are more than one piece. When I went through that warehouse it was such a mess there was no way you could find more than one or two pieces of a bumper that needed to be assembled for parts.

You can put a full sheet of plywood in one of those??? :49: I can't even do that with my pickup . . . . :o

2010-08-03, 20:35 PM
Heres the "Haulin" info, from the deluxe Brochure! Cheers, John

AMC PackRat
2010-08-08, 18:59 PM
Here's a 66 (?) B body Mopar wagon bumper.

2010-08-10, 10:29 AM
AMC, just checking back in with ya to see if you have a 1973 Ford Torino front bumper with the holes for the bumper guards and without the rubber strip. Here is a photo of what I am looking for. Please let me know how much shipped to 75089. Thanks! :tiphat:

Harry Clamshell
2010-08-29, 22:49 PM
Ron, I'm looking for a 67 Buick SportWagon rear bumper for a friend in the USA...d'you have one?

2010-08-30, 10:01 AM
AMC, Disregard, I found a guy locally who is re-chroming what I already have. Thanks none the less.

AMC PackRat
2010-08-30, 14:04 PM
GPD - I haven't found the bumper I have yet - I think it was a 74 which is the same as a 73 except for the opening behind the license plate. Thanks for letting me know so I don't have to look for it. :)

Riv - Sorry I can't help you out on a 67 Buick Sportwagon bumper - I only have a couple of the 68-71 ones left (no 67s). :o

Been kinda busy but I'm digging out that Matador bumper for the other guy sometime today and should have pics somewhere tonight. :whew:

Thanks for your interest, guys. :thumbsup:

Drag'N Wagon
2010-08-31, 00:37 AM
Would you happen to have a front or rear bumper for the 64 Fairlane?

AMC PackRat
2010-08-31, 01:10 AM
Sorry, I don't think I have any Ford bumpers before 72 left except for a 64 T Bird front. :cry: You Ford guys snapped up a lot of Torino/Fairlane bumpers over the last couple years. I still have a few late 60s - early 70s Mercury bumpers and 72 up Torino and Galaxie bumpers, though. ;)

AMC PackRat
2010-09-01, 17:09 PM
Here's a 70 Rebel/71-73 Matador rear bumper for Harry.

2010-09-10, 21:57 PM
Hi AMC: How about the front bumper for my 1971 Chevy Kingswood. Same as Impala, Caprice. I'm in Ontario but I can pick up at 13669 NY. Thanks Bob

AMC PackRat
2010-09-11, 01:10 AM
Yup - I have a nice one of those. I'm doing the AMC nationals this weekend, though, so you'll have to wait a couple days for picks. Ron

2010-09-12, 00:33 AM
Do you have any 71-2 Dodge coronet bumpers?

AMC PackRat
2010-09-14, 09:57 AM
Yes, I do. I have a nice front and a rear wagon one, too.

AMC PackRat
2010-09-14, 10:03 AM
Here's a pic of the 71 Impala/Caprice front bumper. Sorry for the delay - last weekend was the NAMDRA AMC Nationals. :o

2010-09-14, 17:23 PM
Do you have any 1962 Chevrolet full size car bumpers? I would love to find a one piece California bumper... thanks Junk..

AMC PackRat
2010-09-15, 05:54 AM
Sorry, I don't have any 62 Impala bumpers at all. :disagree:

AMC PackRat
2010-09-15, 08:08 AM
Here's the 71-72 Coronet wagon bumpers. :dance:

AMC PackRat
2010-09-15, 12:04 PM
Here's another pic of the Rebel/Matador rear bumper for Harry - I guess he couldn't see the first one. :confused:

AMC PackRat
2010-09-23, 11:17 AM
Here is a picture of the 68-70 Mopar B body wagon bumper (Satellite/Coronet) for 427 CID. If you are interested, I will need your Postal Code to figure shipping charges to Norway.

2010-10-07, 07:20 AM
Any chance that you have a rear bumper for a 1967 Vista Cruiser/

AMC PackRat
2010-10-08, 16:28 PM
Sorry, I don't have one of those. Good luck - probably not an easy one to find. :)

2010-10-08, 19:42 PM
Thanks for checking. Mine is fine except for a dent the size of a baseball.
Not sure what original owner might have backed into.

mr belvedere wagon
2010-11-16, 17:07 PM
i just bought a bumper for my 68 belvedere wagon got a great deal fast shipping and just as he decribed great to do business with thanks dan

AMC PackRat
2010-11-20, 13:14 PM
Thanks, Dan - glad I could help out. :)

2011-01-11, 00:35 AM
By ant chance you have any 1963chevy wagon bumper steps?

AMC PackRat
2011-01-11, 13:40 PM
Nope, sorry. :( The only Chevy bumper I have that old is for a 65 Nova (front). Lot's of Impala, Monte Carlo, Chevelle, and Nova bumpers from the 70s, though. :)

Polish Don
2011-01-24, 09:22 AM
Have anything for a 1975 Dodge Coronet Crestwood wagon ? Front and rear would be great ! It has the holes in the bumper for the rubber strip

AMC PackRat
2011-01-24, 10:28 AM
Well, I do have the front one you're looking for but don't have the rear. :) It's an NOS bumper that looks like it hung up on a couple of the punched holes when it was made and had to be repaired (slightly) and rechromed. PM me if interested. The last two pics are of 72 and 73 Dart Swinger rear bumpers I stuck up for someone else. :o

AMC PackRat
2011-01-25, 15:10 PM
Here's a 66-67 B body wagon bumper (?) for Tonys451. I just wiped a damp rag on it for a quick ID pic.

Polish Don
2011-01-25, 15:53 PM
I can't see from the photo, does it have hold in the bumper for the vertical bumper guards ? Would be in the center of the ridge surrounding the plate

AMC PackRat
2011-01-25, 18:04 PM
My bumper guide is a little confusing on these particular bumpers. First thing you need to know is does yours have marker lights in the corners or not. Coronets do from what I've read but mid-sized Furys don't. If yours has marker lights this won't work for you. Otherwise, this has the holes for the full horizontal bumper strip like what you were wanting. Sorry about that - some of these things are really hard to ID and I've been doing it for years. :(

Polish Don
2011-01-25, 18:42 PM
Here's a front end shot !

AMC PackRat
2011-01-25, 18:47 PM
Yep - you have the marker lights - sorry, can't help you with that one right now but this spring I "might" be able to dig one up for you.

Polish Don
2011-01-25, 19:52 PM
I really need a rear bumper, mine is kinda bad in spots

AMC PackRat
2011-01-25, 20:06 PM
Remind me in a couple months - I know a couple places where I might be able to find both of those but it's too far and too cold to sort through those places now.

AMC PackRat
2011-03-24, 16:05 PM
Hey, Don - the weather's breaking - you still looking for those bumpers ???

Here's a couple shots of a 71 B body wagon bumper for vnambee - a 72 would be the same except it would have slots for the bumper jack. Give me a call and let me know what you think.

2011-03-24, 21:17 PM
Might you have the 5 pieces that make up the front bumper for a 1969 Cadillac? :dance: thanks Junkman

AMC PackRat
2011-03-24, 22:13 PM
Sorry, Junkman - no Cadillac bumpers left. I sold a 54 and a 60 front (both used) I had last year and that was about all I had for Cadillacs. :o

2011-03-28, 18:50 PM
I am in need of a '73 Impala front bumper. What would it cost to get one rechromed? Thanks

AMC PackRat
2011-03-28, 21:57 PM
I do have one of those - plus I think I have a rear for a wagon, too. ;)

It's a nice one but they are a little pricey to ship due to size - would you consider picking it up ???

I don't rechrome other people's bumpers - all I have is what I have left (which is quite a few, actually). :jumping:

AMC PackRat
2011-04-07, 15:35 PM
Well, I guess he didn't want a finished one. :biglaugh: Just guessing, but I think a bumper that size would probably cost $500-$700 to get rechromed depending on where you live (standard chrome). Sounds like Mike got his 71 B body wagon bumper and is OK with it. That means I don't have any more B body wagon bumpers left (thanks guys :2_thumbs_up_-_anima ). I do still have some C body wagon bumpers if any of you large barge guys are looking (69-73). :banana:

2011-04-11, 16:59 PM
Sorry, I don't get on here much. You said you have the front and back for the 73 Impala? How much for the front and how much for the back? I'm assuming these are rechromed? You probably get sick of people asking for pics, but how about two more?:camera: Thanks

AMC PackRat
2011-04-11, 19:08 PM
Well, here's the front one - I don't think I have any pics of the rear one at the moment.

2011-04-11, 23:09 PM
How about a 72 Vista Cruiser rear bumper?:camera:

AMC PackRat
2011-04-11, 23:36 PM
With or without the step?

2011-04-12, 08:30 AM
Yes, it has the step and it also had the reverse lights in the bumper.

AMC PackRat
2011-04-12, 09:08 AM
Nope - sold all of those. :o I have a few 68-69s (two with step slots) and some from 73-77 but the 70-72s are sold out. I have a few Buick Sport Wagons from 68-71, too, if anybody's looking. ;)
2011-05-01, 22:59 PM
hello would you have front or rear bumpers for a 1967 ford country sedan/or country squire i scored some nos steps for the rear would like to find some nice bumpers to match thanks "taztech"

AMC PackRat
2011-05-02, 12:49 PM
Sorry, the only Ford wagon bumper I have left (thanks Ford guys ;)) is a 74-78 mid sized wagon bumper. I have an NOS 72 Galaxie/LTD front, a 69 Galaxie rear, and a few 72-76 mid-sized (Torino, etc.) bumpers left for Fords. I have a few Merc bumpers from 68-76, too, but no wagons.

Here's a pic of a 68-69 Olds Vista Cruiser bumper that's probably spoken for. I have another one that's not quite as nice, though and one without the step.

2011-05-03, 09:35 AM
Do you have any for a 1962 Chevy BelAir? Front or rear, with or without step?.. thanks

AMC PackRat
2011-05-03, 09:46 AM
Nope, sorry. I only have Chevy bumpers from 71-79 left and the only wagon bumpers are for mid-70s Chevelles and early 70s Impalas. :o

need a wagon
2011-05-04, 00:13 AM
any available for these models. i have both. 32935 postal code for shipping.

AMC PackRat
2011-05-04, 21:00 PM
I do have a 72-73 Chrysler wagon rear. :) I have a 73 New Yorker 300 rear you probably can't use and a very nice NOS 74 Chrysler front bumper but it's a little different than a 73. PM me if you're interested.

2011-05-18, 08:22 AM
Hey a rear bumper for a 72 Matador wagon? Thx, Harry

AMC PackRat
2011-05-18, 08:40 AM
Yeah, I have a couple of those - how nice of one do you need?

Looks like the Mopar guy wasn't interested in the rear wagon bumper - he never got back to me. :(

need a wagon
2011-05-19, 19:58 PM
This past weekend I loaded my 69 town and country wagon with 71 6 foot x 1x6 fence pickets, 2 8 foot 4 x 4 posts, and 15 8 foot 2x4's , all nice and wet pressure treated! Due to the slant of the rear tailgate, it took some planning, but i got them all in and got the door shut, and the window up. Nothing hanging out of the back. A great alternative to a pick up truck!!!

2011-06-08, 12:09 PM
Pack, did you get a chance to check on the Matador wagon rear bumpers. I pretty sure All the AMC big wagons used the same bumper from 67 to 73. Car Im building will be a driver but would like one of your better bumpers if possible as all the chrome on this car is excellent...Thx, Harry

AMC PackRat
2011-06-08, 13:30 PM
I sent you a PM. ;)

AMC PackRat
2011-06-09, 18:12 PM
I got a little ambitious today - after cleaning and sorting 6 sets of AMX window trim and mowing my neighbor's and my lawns I dug out a few bumpers, too. :woohoo1:

I wacked 6 "weed" trees out of the other neighbor's yard yesterday while she wasn't looking. :yikes:

The one on the left is $250, the next one is $200, and the third one without reverse light holes is $150. The 70-73 Rebel/Matador bumper on the right is $450 - it'll be a $500 Rebel Machine bumper at Kenosha next month. :dance:

I still love the smileys here better than any other forum I'm on. :ola:

I guess the Mopar guy lost interest ???

AMC PackRat
2012-02-22, 15:41 PM
Here's a couple pics of the 71-72 Chevy Impala/Caprice Wagon bumper. It does have a little rust on the back side from sitting but otherwise looks pretty good. :)

2012-02-22, 16:47 PM
How about a front and rear bumper for 74 Buick Wagon? Also, I get up by Dekalb all the time so could I do a local pickup instead of shipping if you have them? Thanks

2012-02-22, 17:03 PM
Also need a front and rear for a 1960 Pontiac Catalina Safari Wagon

AMC PackRat
2012-02-22, 18:12 PM
Sorry, I don't have anything for either of those but I do have a couple of the Buick Wagon bumpers from 71-73 (big ones and a couple Sportwagon ones, too). :o

Apparently the new guy that wanted the 71-72 Chevy one doesn't have a 71 (:rofl2:) so I guess that one's up for grabs as long as I have it out. :cry:

2012-02-22, 20:17 PM
Which ones do you have for the 71-73 Buicks? Fronts or rears for the big cars
2012-02-22, 21:13 PM
how about front and rear bumpers for 67 ford country sedan thanks

AMC PackRat
2012-02-23, 12:23 PM
This is probably what I have for big Buick bumpers off the top of my head, Swanny -

67 Electra rear.

70 Electra rear.

69 Buick front (too big to ship).

70 Buick front (too big to ship).

71 LeSabre rear.

72 LeSabre rear.

70 Estate wagon rear (I think).

71-73 Estate wagon rear (not sure which but they interchange).

80-85 Regal/Century rear.

I also have 73-77 Century and Regal fronts and 73-75 Century and Regal wagon rears (maybe 76-77 but not sure).

Please notice - the rears are not for wagons unless noted (70-73 Estates and 73-77 Century/Regal).

Sorry Taztech - I don't have anything for 67 Fords. The closest I have is a 69 Galaxy rear (not station wagon).

2012-02-23, 15:09 PM
How 'bout a rear for a 69 dodge Monaco Wagon?

AMC PackRat
2012-02-23, 15:35 PM
Yeah, I prolly got one or two of those around here somewhere. :)

2012-02-23, 21:54 PM
Yeah, I prolly got one or two of those around here somewhere. :)
Used or rechromed? How much?

2012-02-24, 00:11 AM
I am lookimg for a 64 chev. Full Size rear with steps.
Thanks Tom.

AMC PackRat
2012-02-24, 09:54 AM
Sorry, I don't have much for bumpers left pre-65 Muskrat. :mad:

I sent you a PM, AZblackhemi.

2012-02-24, 10:11 AM
I checked my PM's and nothing there.:banghead3:

AMC PackRat
2012-02-24, 10:46 AM
Well, it took a couple minutes to type it out - it should be there now - if not, let me know and I'll send another one. :)

2012-02-24, 10:58 AM
Ron, Got it and replied.

AMC PackRat
2012-02-24, 14:46 PM
OK, here's the 69-71 Mopar C body wagon bumper AZ.

AMC PackRat
2012-03-01, 12:51 PM
Here's the 69 C body front bumper, Chris. It's very straight, has holes for bumper guards.

While I was down there, I noticed I have a lot of C body Mopar bumpers - fronts, rears, and wagons from about 65-72 if anybody's interested. :yippee:

I still have that 71-72 Impala wagon rear I got out for the other guy, too . . . The office is gettin kinda crowded. :o

2012-03-01, 13:47 PM
Ron, That one won't work. Mine has different holes for the brackets. Here's a picture of mine.

AMC PackRat
2012-03-01, 14:01 PM
You're right - I'll have to check into that. Maybe it's a Plymouth only kinda thing. :hmmm:

Oh well, thought I had a front for you . . . . . . Your rear one is in the big box behind that one - It'll be going out Saturday. :)

2012-03-01, 14:04 PM
Ok thanks.

AMC PackRat
2012-03-01, 14:20 PM
I did a little checking - looks like the 69 C bodies had the same blank but different bracket mounting hole locations. That's a 69 Plymouth only front bumper, then. Sorry about that. :o

2012-03-01, 14:52 PM
Monaco / Polara were kind of the oddballs of the "C" Body world. They had alot of their own parts unfortunatly. Well I can get mine rechromed locally for about $350 so I guess that's what I'll do.

2012-03-01, 16:52 PM
Sound like you did real good. :)
I can't figure out why I am having such a hard time finding a 71-72 Olds Vista cruiser rear bumper. I've been looking for 2 years :(

AMC PackRat
2012-03-01, 17:13 PM
I had three or four of them but I'm pretty sure they're all gone (one guy bought two). :( Think all I have is a couple 68-69s and a couple Sportwagons left in intermediates.

2012-03-08, 12:34 PM
Ron, got my bumper yesterday and put it on this morning. Looks good, thanks!

AMC PackRat
2012-03-08, 13:01 PM
That looks sweet !!! :woohoo1:

2012-03-21, 18:14 PM
I still haven't seen my car in person as i just bought it about 2 weeks ago, but from the pictures i have seen i may need a new rear bumper for a 1977 mercury cougar station wagon (villager) for now just wondering if you have such a thing kicking around? (

AMC PackRat
2012-03-22, 16:01 PM
You're in luck - I do have one of those. :banana: It doesn't have the holes for the rubber strip but those are usually damaged or very hard to find NOS, anyway. I can ship to Canada but it'd be cheaper if you could pick it up at the border and take it across yourself. Let me know when you're sure you need one.

2012-03-22, 19:59 PM
thank you for the reply.:2_thumbs_up_-_anima My car will be delivered easter weekend(yay). I'm so glad to know i found one allready. but not sure if i can cross the border, so short of sending someone else shipping may be my only option.:cheers:

2012-03-24, 23:30 PM
by any chance do you have a front bumper for a 68 plymouth fury wagon. if so how much plus shipping to pa zipcode 15227

2012-03-25, 00:56 AM
Anything for 91-96 Roadmasters?

2012-03-25, 03:19 AM
How about a front bumper for 71 Imperial?

2012-03-25, 08:20 AM
Looking for front bumper for a 67 olds cutlass/ vista cruiser.

AMC PackRat
2012-03-25, 10:20 AM
Sllew - That's OK, shipping to Canada is fine only shipping charges are a bit higher.

Crazyaboutwagons - I have a couple 68 Fury bumpers that have the slots for the rubber strip on the front. with shipping it'll probably be about $250 - interested?

Brainiac - I don't have any bumpers from about 1980 and later, sorry.

Nitoh - I don't have a front for a 71 Imperial but I may have a rear center section.

I6conv - I don't have anything for a 67 Olds, sorry.

2012-03-25, 18:23 PM
price is fine except my car just has a plain bumper. let me do some checking and see if i can locate the rub strips. ill get back to you. thanks for your reply

2012-03-26, 10:00 AM
Nitoh - I don't have a front for a 71 Imperial but I may have a rear center section.

Please send some pics:

AMC PackRat
2012-03-26, 10:29 AM
I sent you a PM Nitoh. :)

2012-03-27, 04:04 AM
I sent you a PM Nitoh. :)

I send you a PM too :)

AMC PackRat
2012-03-27, 09:03 AM
I PMed you back. I think this bumper is for a 4 door car only so please make sure that is what he has.

AMC PackRat
2012-03-27, 16:22 PM
Here's the 70-71 Chrysler Imperial rear bumper center section I have. I have a 69, too. Sorry, I don't have the end pieces for either. :(

2012-03-31, 19:27 PM
I know this is a long shot, but..., would you have either a front or rear bumper for a '68 International Harvester Travelall?

2012-04-01, 03:32 AM
Here's the 70-71 Chrysler Imperial rear bumper center section I have. I have a 69, too. Sorry, I don't have the end pieces for either. :(

Ok, thanks, I send the pic to the friend of mine.

AMC PackRat
2012-04-01, 08:38 AM
International Travelall ? :rofl2: Sorry - those are more of a truck/suburban kind of vehicle and I carry mostly car bumpers except for a couple older Chevy truck bumpers I have. I thought most of those got junked by the AMC and Jeep guys buying them for the AMC 401s they used to put in them for a few years. Nice to see there's still a few of them running around. :thumbsup: I think your best be would be to have the ones you have redone or find some decent used ones.

Let me know about the Imperial bumper, Nitoh - I still have it out.

2012-05-18, 22:50 PM
Howdy do you have a rear bumper for a 1965 Ford Falcon wagon ? Mine was crumpled in a rear accident. Thanks.. Joe

AMC PackRat
2012-05-19, 09:45 AM
Sorry, don't have anything for a 65 Falcon wagon . . . . :mad:

2012-06-07, 08:52 AM
Hello. Do you have a rear bumper for a '68 Mercury Colony Park?

AMC PackRat
2012-06-07, 08:55 AM
Sorry, don't have that one. The oldest merc bumpers I have are from 69-72 for full size. :o

2012-06-14, 16:48 PM
Hi, I saw that you don't have a rear bumper for my 1966 Chrysler Town & Country, but is there any chance you got the front bumper guards? It is the same on all chryslers from '66 except 300 and Imperial, of course. Thanks.

AMC PackRat
2012-06-14, 19:59 PM
Nope, can't help you on the bumper guards, either. :o

2012-06-16, 10:30 AM
Any 70 impala wagon rear?

2012-11-18, 22:13 PM
Hope not too late to the offering but I am looking for some good daily driver bumpers for my 67 coronet wagon.
Think you might have any?

AMC PackRat
2012-11-18, 23:26 PM
Sorry, I had one of those but I think I sold it here last year. Those are getting kinda hard to find - I just had a call this morning from a guy looking for a pair for his 66 Belvedere wagon.

2012-11-19, 08:34 AM
Ok, thanks for the reply

AMC PackRat
2012-11-25, 15:41 PM
Hey guys - I wuz digging around in the attic today and came across a couple of rechromed Buick wagon bumpers. :2_thumbs_up_-_anima I'm not really going to mess with them unless there's an actual interest. There's a 70 and a 71 - they should be real nice but they're a little dusty right now from sitting in the attic a few years. I'm sure these aren't exactly falling outta trees any more. :cool: If any of you big Buick Estate guys are interested let me know - I might have a 72 or 73 hidden up there too. :)

I think the other ones in the pics are a 70 - 72 Tempest wagon and a 71 Pontiac front.

2012-11-26, 19:23 PM
Hey guys - I wuz digging around in the attic today and came across a couple of rechromed Buick wagon bumpers. :2_thumbs_up_-_anima I'm not really going to mess with them unless there's an actual interest. There's a 70 and a 71 - they should be real nice but they're a little dusty right now from sitting in the attic a few years. I'm sure these aren't exactly falling outta trees any more. :cool: If any of you big Buick Estate guys are interested let me know - I might have a 72 or 73 hidden up there too. :)

I think the other ones in the pics are a 70 - 72 Tempest wagon and a 71 Pontiac front.

The far one in the first picture looks like rear bumper on my 67 Vista. It's hard to tell because the photo is a bit blurry. Did GM use the same rear bumper on several of their wagons from 64 to 67? Do you have a better picture of that one?

AMC PackRat
2012-11-26, 22:12 PM
You're right - it's not the Tempest one I thought it was. :o I'm thinking it's a 68-69 Cutlass wagon or maybe a Buick Sportwagon one, now. It seems like all the GM divisions had their own rear bumpers for station wagons so you can't really interchange them. Some of the early ones are pretty difficult to come up with - I had a 67 Tempest wagon bumper a while back that was a one year/one car kinda deal. I'll see if I can get a pic of it tomorrow sometime for you but I'm pretty sure it's not for a 67.

AMC PackRat
2012-11-27, 13:59 PM
Here's a better pic of that bumper, Vista. The lighting isn't that great up there but this pic should be a little clearer. The other shot is a couple of AMC wagon bumpers I got out last year for a guy that disappeared. They're going back in storage for the winter, I guess. Rambler guys . . . . . . . :rolleyes:

2012-11-27, 20:39 PM
The backup light cutouts look a little different. The ones on my bumper are narrower from what I can see.

AMC PackRat
2012-11-27, 21:13 PM
Yeah - the reverse lights are different. The biggest difference is that yours is straight across on the top and these have about a 3 inch tip up on the ends. That does look a lot like that 67 Tempest one I used to have, though.

2013-05-27, 19:52 PM
would you have any bumpers for a 72 cutlass supreme?

AMC PackRat
2013-05-27, 22:26 PM
Sorry, no. I do have a few 73 Cutlass front bumpers, though. They're the last of my Cutlass collection except for a few wagon rear bumpers but you didn't say you had a wagon. I have a few Cutlass station wagon rears from 68-77 if anyone's looking - no step bumpers left, though.

2013-05-27, 22:34 PM
Do u have anything for 68 ford country squire?

AMC PackRat
2013-05-27, 22:37 PM
Nope - the oldest full sized Ford bumper I have is a 69 rear (not wagon).

2013-05-28, 06:59 AM
Sorry, no. I do have a few 73 Cutlass front bumpers, though. They're the last of my Cutlass collection except for a few wagon rear bumpers but you didn't say you had a wagon. I have a few Cutlass station wagon rears from 68-77 if anyone's looking - no step bumpers left, though.

73 was the next generation body style

AMC PackRat
2013-05-28, 08:54 AM
Yep - I know that. Just letting you know what I have left for Cutlass bumpers - which isn't much unless you have a Cutlass station wagon. :)

Harry Clamshell
2013-05-28, 11:53 AM
68 Wildcat perhaps?

AMC PackRat
2013-05-28, 12:54 PM
Nope - I had a 67 Electra rear but sold it a couple weeks ago so about all I have for 60s Buicks is a 62 Skylark front and a couple 68-71 Sportwagon rears. I do have rear bumpers for your Estate wagon and Riviera, though. ;)

AMC PackRat
2013-05-28, 23:01 PM
Well, so much for the Riviera bumper - I just sold it to a young guy from the city - says he's making a low-rider. :cool:

2013-06-01, 19:17 PM
Hi, do you have a rear bumper for a 72 Buick Sportwagon ?

Thanks Curtis

AMC PackRat
2013-06-01, 19:42 PM
I don't think so - my book only lists a step bumper for 72 for some reason and I don't have any left. It also says there are small vertical rubber strips on the corners that the 69-71s don't have. If you don't have the step option and don't care about the little rubber strips I prolly have one you can use. :rolleyes:

2013-06-01, 19:47 PM
The Bumper does have a step, because its a dual swing style tailgate. If it doesn't have the rubber strips, that's okay,but I do need to be able to swing the tailgate.Let me know,Cheers Curtis

AMC PackRat
2013-06-01, 19:54 PM
Like I said - no step bumpers left. I'll take a quick look but I think I sold the last 3 I had and they were Cutlass ones and a guy from Wisconsin bought them. The only thing I have left at all with a step I think is an early 70s Buick Estate wagon bumper.

2013-06-01, 19:57 PM
Thanks, sorry for my confusion.Let me know when you get a chance.


2013-06-05, 12:17 PM
do you have a rear bumper for a 64-65 buick sportwagon



AMC PackRat
2013-06-05, 13:05 PM
Sorry, no wagon bumpers that old left. I think the oldest I have now is for a 66-67 full-sized Mopar.

I checked and only non-step bumpers for 68-71 72Sporty. :o

2013-06-05, 20:54 PM
Hey would that stepped bumper you have be for a 1970 Buick Estate Wagon? Mine is pretty messy.

AMC PackRat
2013-06-06, 00:58 AM
I'm pretty sure it is - the 71-73 Estate Wagons don't list a step bumper. Getting it to Australia won't be easy, though. :confused: The last thing I shipped there was an AMX tail panel and that guy just had me ship it to a shipping company in California. That was pretty easy. :)

AMC PackRat
2013-06-06, 14:08 PM
Here's a pic of it - it's kinda driver quality - probably not nice enough for yours after all the work you did on it (nice thread).

2013-06-07, 22:27 PM
Is that mopar bumper for a b-body or c-body. I need a b-body

AMC PackRat
2013-06-07, 23:02 PM
It's a C body bumper. I had a B body one but I think I sold it here last year. Sorry. :o

2013-06-11, 21:41 PM
Thanks for the reply. I'm starting to see why the last onwer might have gave up on it.

AMC PackRat
2013-06-12, 10:02 AM
Yeah - any 66-67 B body Mopar parts are getting kind of hard to find nowadays and I imagine wagon parts are even harder. I'd try out west - my brother lives in Tucson and there's a handful of salvage yards out by the air base that specialize in older cars. The parts won't be cheap but if you can't find them anywhere else . . . . . . :huh:

2013-06-12, 16:46 PM
Hey AMC PackRat I take it from reading the threads you don't have a 1965 Fairlane Wagon rear bumper ...

What about a 1966 Rambler American Rear?

AMC PackRat
2013-06-12, 17:33 PM
Nope - don't have either one. :o I had a regular 65 Fairlane rear and sold it a couple years ago and had a 64 only American rear and sold it last year. I do have a few nice American pieces left, though - tail lights, emblems, and side marker lights. :banana:

Think I have some NOS 66 Classic wagon tail light lenses around here somewhere, too.

2014-11-23, 16:47 PM
Do you have a rear bumper for a 72 coronet?

AMC PackRat
2014-11-23, 18:00 PM
Sorry, I had one of those a year or two ago but I sold it to somebody - probably on this site.

2014-12-08, 20:41 PM

I've been looking for a replacement for the rear bumper reinforcement bar on a 1977 Ford LTD Country Squire. Would you have anything for one of these?

AMC PackRat
2014-12-08, 22:22 PM
Sorry, I might have a front bumper for that car but that would be all I have. :(

2014-12-09, 18:46 PM
Any for a '63 Colony Park?

AMC PackRat
2014-12-09, 23:28 PM
Sorry, I don't think I have any Ford bumpers older than 72 any more. The Ford guys were some of my best customers - I only have about 10 left.

2014-12-18, 04:51 AM

Do you have rear bumper for 68 impala Wagon?

AMC PackRat
2014-12-18, 12:17 PM
Sorry, no. All I have for Chevy wagon bumpers is the 71-73 full-sized one I'm selling here and 3 Chevelle ones in the 73-77 range.

AMC PackRat
2014-12-19, 09:27 AM
The only bumper from the 50s I still have is a front from a 55 Desoto. I have other parts from that car also if anybody needs anything. Hood, rust-free doors, nice radiator, wiring harness, etc..

2014-12-23, 10:21 AM
Have you got anything for my 1969 Plymouth Fury Suburban ....?

AMC PackRat
2014-12-23, 11:33 AM
Sorry - no 58 Buick bumper parts but maybe somebody will read you're looking for some and reply.

Rockerarm - yes, I do have a rechromed rear wagon bumper for a 69 Fury Wagon. :banana: Think I have a chrome remote mirror for that, too.

2014-12-23, 12:37 PM
rockerarm - yes, i do have a rechromed rear wagon bumper for a 69 fury wagon. :banana: Think i have a chrome remote mirror for that, too.

pm sent..............

AMC PackRat
2014-12-23, 13:32 PM
PM returned.

2014-12-23, 14:00 PM
PM returned.

returned PM returned......:D

2014-12-24, 07:33 AM
No, I dont have any fury parts... Check the Arizona bone-yard

I found a good chroming shop to repair my bumper...............Thanks

2014-12-24, 07:34 AM

I found a good chrome shop and mine is in repair



2014-12-24, 15:58 PM
I bought one from you for a 69 Wagon and now I need one for a 66 town & Country?

AMC PackRat
2014-12-24, 16:34 PM
I had one of those around here somewhere but I'm not sure if I sold it or just stuck it somewhere and can't find it. :confused: I'll look around a bit more.

2015-08-26, 14:02 PM
Trying to reach you

2015-08-26, 16:59 PM
Aloha no need a bumper now. Found a good used one. planning to sell the wagon anyways.

AMC PackRat
2015-08-28, 18:05 PM
Finally got together - see you next week Swanny454.